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Renting a boat is undoubtedly the best way to discover the calanques de Piana during your stay in Corsica.

Whether you’re a private individual or a professional, you’ll find various boats available for rent in Corsica. Please note that during the summer season, demand is very high.

Moreover, the Gulf of Porto is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, so you must respect certain rules. For example, anchoring is prohibited in the Scandola Reserve.

You can find all our tips for exploring the Gulf of Porto by boat in our article.

Where to Rent a Boat to Explore the Calanques de Piana?

Renting a boat to explore the Calanques de Piana from Porto is the ideal starting point.

Porto-Ota Port is centrally located, allowing you to reach the most beautiful bathing spots in Corsica just minutes after your departure. It’s also the gateway to the Scandola Reserve and the village of Girolata.

Situé au cœur du golfe le port de Porto-Ota est très central vous pourrez rejoindre les plus spots de baignades du sud de la Corse en seulement quelques minutes après votre départ.

Renting a Boat to Explore the Calanques de Piana from Ajaccio

If you’re starting from Ajaccio, it’s the farthest port for exploring the Calanques de Piana. You’ll need a full day to visit the Gulf of Porto from Ajaccio.

You can also venture south to Porticcio from here.

From Ajaccio, you can also opt for a boat cruise to enjoy the sunset in the Îles sanguinaires.

Renting a boat to explore the Calanques de Piana from Calvi

From the north of Corsica, Calvi Port is in our opinion, the best starting point for visiting the Gulf of Porto. Renting your boat from Calvi allows you to avoid the winding road between Calvi and Porto, which can be quite challenging.

We recommend prioritizing the Scandola Nature Reserve and the fishing village of Girolata when departing from Calvi, as the Calanques de Piana, located to the south of the Gulf of Porto, are quite distant from Calvi.

From Calvi, you can also choose to take a boat excursion to discover the Salaccia beach and other highlights of Corsica.

Renting a boat to explore the Calanques de Piana from Cargèse

Cargèse Port, located after Porto, is the closest port to the Calanques de Piana. From Cargèse Port, you can reach Capo Rosso and the Calanques de Piana in just a few minutes.

In the north of Piana, you can also easily reach Scandola and Girolata by departing from the Cargèse Beach.

What are the Prices for Renting a Boat in the Calanques de Piana?

Renting a boat without a Skipper in the Calanques de Piana

If you have a boat license, you can rent a boat without a skipper. The rental price depends on the type and size of the boat you want to rent.

In our opinion, semi-rigid boats are ideal for boating in the Porto region.

On average, expect to pay around 250 euros for a full day of boat rental in Corsica.

Renting a boat with a skipper

If you don’t have a boat license, you can opt for a guided boat tour with a skipper.. In our opinion, this is the best way to explore the Piana region. Your skipper, a knowledgeable guide, will take you to the most beautiful marine coves in the Calanques de Piana. You can find tickets for boat tours from various companies.

Private boat rental

You can also rent a boat for a private event such as a marriage proposal, seminars, bachelor parties, and more. Several professionals offer turnkey solutions for organizing group tours of the Calanques de Piana.

Everything You Need to Know About Boat Rentals in the Piana Region.

Do you need a license to rent a boat in piana?

A boat license is essential if you want to navigate the Calanques de Piana. To safely navigate the cliffs of Capo Rosso or Scandola, it’s best to have a good knowledge of navigation.

If you don’t have a boat license, we recommend renting a boat with a skipper. Otherwise, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy in the south of Corsica.

What to see by boat in the gulf of porto?

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, we recommend visiting the calanques, the Scandola Reserve, and the village of Girolata. In our opinion, the ideal itinerary is as follows:

  • Scandola Reserve in the morning: Discover the Corsican nature.
  • Lunch with your feet in the water on Girolata beach.
  • Watch the sunset from the cliffs of the Calanques.

When to rent a boat in the Calanques de Piana?

Undoubtedly, the most magical time for boating is during sunset. As the day comes to an end, the sunlight on the setting sun gives the calanques a unique red hue. At sunset, the light seems to embrace the Corsican coastline.



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